March 2022

Cha Eun-Woo and Mister Potato surprise fans with a ridiculous mix!​​

Hola Chingus! Here's a ridiculously tasty partnership that excites your eyes and tastebuds!​
September 2021

Monster and We Bare Bears cooks up a snack!

This is the cutest collaboration ever between Mamee Monster and We Bare Bears where we collaborated to launch a new limited edition rendang flavoured Mamee. How Malaysian is that?
February 2021

Monster joins them swags from Budak Baek for all them Budak Baek’s

Mamee Monster joins forces with Budak Baek, a streetwear brand owned by Malaysian rapper Joe Flizzow and takes over the street scene with its own collection of shirts and flat caps making Mamee Monster the coolest kid in town.
Budak Beak
December 2020

Mamee Monster x UTme by Uniqlo

Mamee Monster was tired of the boring plain old tees and bland totes, so we partnered up with Uniqlo to give everyone's wardrobe a monster makeover with a line of Mamee Monster t-shirts and tote bags with their own unique characteristics.
December 2020

The famous blue Monster goes Oxwhite

Mamee Monster x Oxwhite designed simple breathable premium tees featuring the iconic trio: Monster, Red and Pink in every design for the highly anticipated 12.12 sale.
October 2020

Tealive And Mamee Release ‘Spicy Mi Boba’ For Those Who Like It Weird

There are a lot of things that don’t make sense in this world, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good. Yes, this is our way of telling you that spicy boba noodles exist and we’ve tried it.